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ICSM Yoga: Making Connections

About this Guide

Course Description: Yoga is arguably the most successful cultural export India ever produced. Millions of people around the world practice yoga in their homes or studios, or else pay to go on expensive yoga retreats in exotic locations. Yet where does yoga come from? How are the secularized postures and breathing techniques with which yoga is currently associated related to the forms of yoga found in ancient and medieval South Asia? This course examines the history and practice of yoga as it has developed over the course of roughly two thousand years, paying special attention to its transformation in contemporary western society. 

Library Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover Library resources and services and how to ask for help
  2. ​Find and access a book using the Library Search
  3. Find and access an article using the Library Search
  4. Generate citations

Note: this guide was created by Kelly Hallisey & updated by Cathy Michael

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