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Citing Newspaper Articles

The Library of Congress has guides for citing primary sources by format:

Sample Citations

The sample article is title SDS Holds Election Day Rally and Forum and was originally published in The Ithacan on November 8, 1968. It was accessed from Digital Commons IC on 2018-06-14 from

APA citation:

SDS holds election day rally and forum. (1968, November 8). The Ithacan. p. 1, 11. Retrieved from

Chicago citation:

The Ithacan,  "SDS Holds Election Day Rally and Forum." Ithaca, NY: The Ithacan, Nov. 8, 1968. From Ithaca College Archives, The Ithacan digital collection. (Accessed June 14, 2018)

MLA citation:

"SDS Holds Election Day Rally and Forum." The Ithacan  [Ithaca NY] 8 Nov. 1968. Digital Commons IC. Web. 14 June 2018.

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