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Searching The Ithacan in Digital Commons IC

To search The Ithacan in Digital Commons IC, use the search box on the right (desktop) or bottom of the screen (mobile device) to search within the collection. This search can be limited by year, but needs to be redone within the pdf once you locate the document.

This is a keyword search across optical character recognition (OCR) processed documents. The OCR is not always accurate. Shorter search strings are better than long ones.

Searching The Ithacan at the University of Illinois

The link goes to the 1926 Once-A-Week in browse mode. To search across the whole collection, use the Search box on the main page.

Once you have a search, you can use the Advanced Search option to narrow by date. The links will point to the text for the article as captured by OCR and to the article in the actual newspaper. Usually, the newspaper is much easier to read than the OCR output.

The advantage of the search at the University of Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection is that is has articles in its structure and it highlights the search term in the actual document.

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