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Technical processes

The paper copies of the Ithacan were microfilmed by Challenge Industries in Ithaca, NY. The microfilms were sent to the Digital Collection & Preservation Services unit of OCLC for scanning and further processing. The character recognition processes were created by Olive Software Inc.and implemented for us by OCLC. The version of The Ithacan at the University of Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections uses the data from Olive Software. The version at Digital Commons at IC uses new optical character recognition on the same files, so results may differ across the platforms.


Partial funding for the digitization project was provided by the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. The remainder of the funding was provided by the Ithaca College Library. We are particularly appreciative of the encouragement and support of the use of cutting edge technology given by Margaret Johnson, College Librarian during the digitization process. The Digital Commons platform has been provided by the Ithaca College Library.

Visual elements in The Ithacan

Because of the process of microfilming The Ithacan, any color images were changed to grayscale image. In addition, the exposure was set to maximize the readability of the text, rather than capturing the images. Newspaper images are often grainy, but the images in the paper up through 2002 are much better in paper. If you need a better copy of the image, please contact the College Archives at archives @

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