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CNPH 10100: Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis

General Tips

Steers, Stacey 2017 Edge of Alchemy (detail) Stacey Steers Studio. Accessed 20, August, 2018 <>

The main search field on the library page (Library Search) is the best starting point for this class. For more information about using Library Search, see our guide. Here, you'll find articles, books, DVDs and CDs.

When researching specific films, older titles will have more information written about them. If you choose to write about a recent film (released in the past year), you'll find that articles will be your best bet. Please keep in mind that  books often take years to write, and there may not be an entire book that focuses exclusively on your chosen film.  Also remember to search additional material about the directors, the motion picture industry, or general subject matter such as cinematography or mise en scene

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