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Evidence Syntheses

Standards & Guidelines

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 
The Cochrane Collaboration's handbook is designed to help authors prepare Cochrane Intervention reviews.

Cochrane Standards 
Methodological expectations for Cochrane Protocols, Reviews, and updates of reviews on the effects of interventions.

Institute of Medicine Standards for Systematic Reviews 
The Institute of Medicine's detailed standards for the various components of the systematic review process.

PRISMA Statement 
Website with information, including a checklist and flowcharts, to help researchers conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Supplemental Information

Florida Internationa University's Guide on Systematic Reviews: A robust and interactive website that focuses entirely on many aspects of systematic reviews.

Different Types of Reviews in the Health Sciences: Provides a clear review of the most popular types of literature reviews conducted in the health sciences

I Want To Do a Systematic Review: Do you really want to do a systematic reivew? This is a great essay that will help you understand what a systematic review is and if you really need and want to conduct one.

Study Design 101: A simple introduction to various study designs with definitions, examples, and self-tests.



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