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OTMS 46500 - 56500:Occupational Therapy Research Seminar

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Focusing on under-18 and caregivers

robotic* or janco 

arm or upper extremity or hand or elbow or shoulder or upper limb or elbow

adolescen* or teen* or young adult* youth or child*

caregiver* or parent* or mother* or father*

Patient Perspective Terms -- Swap out caregiver for patient perspective 

patient perspective* or patient experience* or patient view* or patient perception* or patient feedback or patient satisfaction

The outcomes of the use of a robotic arm by people who need them 



robotic* or jaco

arm or upper extremity or hand or elbow or shoulder or upper limb or elbow

outcome measure* or treatment outcome* or outcome* or benefits or effects or impact or effectiveness

occupational therap* or rehabilitation

Google Scholar

  • If you find a really good article, search for it by title in GoogleScholar and see if it's been cited or find "related" articles.
  • Sometimes authors will have their own scholar page where you can see everything they've published, and you might find other, similar articles this way
  • Also GoogleScholar is a great place to find full-text of articles that we may not have access to through the IC Library

Dissertation & Theses

robotic* or jaco

arm OR upper extremity OR hand OR elbow OR shoulder OR upper limb OR elbow

adolescen* OR teen* OR young adult* youth OR child*


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