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OTMS 46500 - 56500:Occupational Therapy Research Seminar

EBSCO Research Library



1. pre-k or preschool* or nursery school* or early education or kindergarten 



parent* or caregiv* or mother* or father* or famil* 



emotional develop* or psychological develop* or mental health develop* or social develop* or cognitive develop* or physical develop*


Access (health literacy/outside play)

Health Literacy

health litera* or health education or health knowledge or health information or health understanding


outside or outdoor* or nature or wilderness or playground 


play* or recess

Google Scholar & Disserations

  • If you find a really good article, search for it by title in GoogleScholar and see if it's been cited or find "related" articles.
  • Sometimes authors will have their own scholar page where you can see everything they've published, and you might find other, similar articles this way
  • Also GoogleScholar is a great place to find full-text of articles that we may not have access to through the IC Library

Theses and Dissertations can provide a wealth of information including references to other studies and things like surveys, questionnaires, and IRB statements. 


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