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OTMS 46500 - 56500:Occupational Therapy Research Seminar


Occupational deprivation within the occupation of sex and intimacy for folks who identify as both autistic and queer.

1. autis* or asd or autism spectrum disorder

2. queer or lgbt or lgbtq or lgbtq+ or gender non conforming or gender non-conforming or gender nonconforming or lesbian or gay or homosexual or bisexual or transgender or sexual minority

3. intima* or sex*


Perspectives on stimming with autistic individuals or autistic individuals and online advocacy

1. autis* or asd or autism spectrum disorder

2. stimm*

1. autis* or asd or autism spectrum disorder

2. telehealth or telemedicine or telemonitoring or telecare or zoom or online or virtual

3. therap* or treatment* or intervention*

4. communicat* or conversation* or interaction*


Covid and Horses

1. covid or covid-19 or coronavirus or 2019-ncov or sars-cov-2 or cov-19 or pandemic*

2. equine or horse* or equid

3. child* or teen* or adolescen*


Nature based occupations and OT, OT interventions with of Ming Kuo


1. natured-based occupations or  nature-based rehabilitation or nature or natural environment or green space or outdoor* or outside* or wilderness or woodland or woods or forest* or ecotherap* or eco therap*

2. occupational therapy* or occupational intervention* or occupational treatment*


Black youth and how that impacts their occupational choice in engaging in developmental and socially important occupations


1. african american* or black

2. child* or young person or adolescent or teen* or youth or young people

3, activities of daily living or adl or occupation*

4. social development or social skill* or social growth or social evolution or social interaction* or socializing or relationship*


Self-esteem in women with Cancer

1. self-esteem or self-concept or self-worth or self-evaluation or self-perception or self confidence

2. women or female* or woman

3. cancer or neoplasm* or oncology


Understanding the Role of Child Life Specialists and Occupational Therapists in Treating Children with Life-Threatening Condition


1. child life specialist or child life or cls or ccls

2. occupational therap*

3. life threatening or critically ill or critical illness or palliative or hospice*


Diagnosis of learning disability and academic services impact graduation rate for racial minorities.

1. learning disabil* or learning difficult* or learning disorder* or special needs or intellectual disabil* or special education

2. minorit* or ethnic group* ethnicity or race or racial or  hispanic or people of color or poc or marginalized or underserved or underrepresented

3. graduate or graduation or bachelor* or doctorate* or diploma


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