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Use the ATLA to search for articles in the field:

February 2024:  EBSCO created tutorials to learn how to maximize your searching in ATLA.  Videos include:

  • Three Methods to Search For Biblical Scripture Citations: This video covers three different ways to search for scripture citations in the Bible, using Atla’s Scripture Search function, Bible Citation Index, and the Scripture Citation search field.
  • Maximizing Your Search: Filtering and Refining: This video covers how to narrow down search results using the EBSCOhost platform’s filtering and refining tools, including by language, subject, and peer-review status, in order to get the most relevant possible results.
  • Maximizing Your Search: Using Boolean AND Connectors, Truncating Search Terms & Other Advanced Search Topics. This video covers how to search for more complex topics on the EBSCOhost Platform by using the Boolean AND Connector tool to select multiple criteria and how to use truncation to broaden your search.
  • Organizing Your Search: This video covers how to use the EBSCOhost Platform’s Citation tool to format the citation information of an article from your search results, and how to use the Export tool whenever you have a large number of citations to use or are using Bibliographic Management Software.

This guide was originally created by Kelly Hallisey and is updated by Catherine Michael.  If you have any suggestions please contact me at:

Cathy Michael

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