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DOC 40100: Documentary Industries

About this Guide

This guide supports the course Doc Industries. Description:

An overview of the political economies, infrastructures, and operations of documentary practices across platforms such as print, analog, digital media, and hybrid forms within both national and international contexts. It discusses budgeting, project development, technologies, research, production and team management, fundraising, co-productions, granting agencies, legal and ethical issues, marketing design, public relations, press kits, festivals, broadcast, streaming, roll-out strategies, website development, engagement campaigns, audience development for festivals and screenings, distribution, four walling, roadshowing, self-distribution, institutional and home-use sales, community-based screenings, and eventizing.

Library Support

This guide provides information on: financing, marketing / festivals, story development, practitioner books, & copyright information.  If you have have any suggestions, please contact me.


Case Study or Pitch Document

State of the Documentary Industry

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