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United States History


Other newspapers are freely available on the internet. These are a few samples:


Ancestry often includes the primary sources underlying the genealogical data.

Colonial and Revolutionary America Primary Sources

Books in the library:

Primary Sources in Books

Primary sources can be published in books. Use the main search in Library Search and include search terms personal narratives, sources, diaries, memoirs, papers, speeches, documents, or letters.

Personal narratives is a term assigned by librarians and is used for first person accounts.
Diaries and memoirs are terms used by writers and editors to describe their document. These are also normally in the first person.
Autobiography is often assigned to diaries and memoirs.

Letters and correspondence are published correspondence and occasionally include both outgoing and incoming letters.
Papers include correspondence, speeches and other previously unpublished items by the author.
Speeches were written to be spoken and have often been published.
Sources is another term assigned by librarians and often includes all of the types of documents listed above as well as government records.

Some sample searches in Library Search:

Primary Source E-books

Ebook Central has primary sources. For example, search "Annual Register" and a year and you should get a volume from that time, reviewing the events of the year. For example: 1865. There is always a chapter on "America."

19th Century sources

20th Century sources

Search the Journal List to see if we have the title that you need.

A few books with primary sources:

Primary Sources on the Internet

There are many primary sources on the open internet. Here are some of my favorites, but there are more.


Want to help make primary sources available?

There are a number of crowdsourcing opportunities for transcribing historic documents. They will require you to create a free account and to read through their best practices before you start.

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