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TVDM 13100: Media Writing

About this Guide

The guide is a pathfinder to:

  • examples of media writing: (primary sources such as: ads, scripts, and press releases) 
  • databases used for researching information to write for the media  (secondary sources such as: how to books, background information, news, etc.) 
  • professional organizations and trade information (ex. Writer's Guild)

If you have any suggestions, please let me know: .  You can make an appointment to meet with me by clicking "Meet" under my profile picture.

My presentation will be geared to demonstrating how to conduct research needed to write a documentary film script.

Serling Scripts & the Serling Award

The Encyclopedia of Television provides an entry for Rod Serling.  Quote, " His emphasis on character (psychology and motivation), the expedient handling of incisive, direct and forceful and painfully penetrating dialogue, alongside his moralizing subtext, placed him in a unique position to question mankind's prejudices and intolerance as he saw it."

Here are the Table of Contents to the published scripts.  The published copy of the scripts are available in the the library: 

Episodes can be or checked out on DVD from the library's Circulation/Reserves desk (either request online with your library account or provide the Video number to the student); the DVDs have supplementary materials such as interviews.

The Rod Serling Award for Advancing Social Justice Through Popular Media honors a contemporary media industry professional whose work shines the light on prejudice, inequality, and evolving social norms.

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