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TVDM 21390: Women in Media, Film and Television

About this List

This list was generated by tagging DVDs from the library's collection. It is supplemented by some online streaming options.  If I am missing a director or film you would like to see, please email me and I'll add it. This is an ongoing work. 

  • The library has This Changes Everything (2018) about gender disparity in Hollywood. 
  • I tagged documentaries from two distributors:  1) The Media Education Foundation and 2) Women Make Movies
  • I included a few directors and producers such as:  Winfrey, Coppola, DuVernay, Campion and Bigelow.  Adaptations by great women writers such as Morrison, Hurston and Walker were added (books are media, too!).
  • Using the portal Justwatch, I added a link to available episodes of Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Mary Tyler Moore.  I added the investigative program American Scandals by Barbara Walters  & the sitcom Ellen (subscription required) 

Women in Media, A selection

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