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Digital Mindfulness


From the Abstract of: Klase, M., Connors, O., & Abhari, K. (2021). Digital Mindfulness: The Role of Reflection. AMCIS 2021 TREOs  Students from the Digital Innovations Lab, San Diego State University posted a recording of their presentation on Digital Mindfulness at AMICIS 2021 (American Conference on Information Systems) to the AIS (Association for Information Systems) conference website. The short 5 min presentation offers definitions from an information systems approach.

Digital Mindfulness: " mindfulness shapes how users interact with a digitally-enabled environment through accounting for goals, noticing detail in the context, adapting expectations based on experience, and improving foresight after reflection. Digital mindfulness involves the ability to detect important aspects of the contexts and when needed take timely, appropriate action in response."

Reflective Monitoring: "...reflective monitoring refers to a mindfulness practice through which a user reflects on how different dimensions of a digitally-enabled environment affect them and others around them. Hence, digital mindfulness can be characterized by a user’s alertness, awareness, openness, presentness, and reflectiveness."

General terms:

Mindfulness (APA Dictionary)  

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