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Digital Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Brain Circuits
Digital Mindfulness 
This guide supports courses that engage with the topic Digital Mindfulness by Dr. Kati Lustyik in the Park School of Communications. 

There are a lot of related concepts to "Digital Mindfulness" to explore - here are a few: Digital Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Digital Mindfulness Intervention, Digital Therapeutics, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), Internet Based Mindfulness, Internet Addiction, Digital Behavior Health Companies, Digital Interventions, IT Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Health, Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs), Mindfulness Based Mobile Applications, Reflective Monitoring, Technology for Mental Health

Digital Mindfulness is an interdisciplinary topic that can be approached by scholars of myriad disciplines including: media and communication studies, education, psychology, health sciences, religion and philosophy, and computer science (human computer interactions). 

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