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DEIJA Projects

Guiding Statement

Ithaca College Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility (DEIJA) is driven by a belief in the essentialness and value of DEIJA to the work of the library and Ithaca College as a whole. The library strives to focus on what can be done, rather than trying to do everything. An emphasis on small but intentional DEIJA projects, in keeping with the available resources, will allow the library to engage in DEIJA work with the potential for positive impacts.  It is through this intentionality that we will be able to create an organization focused on the integration of DEIJA practices into all the work of the library, while supporting and contributing to the success of the college.

Created 2023 09 12


Increase access to resources that are authored by or focus on voices from communities that have traditionally been marginalized or excluded from academic scholarship.

  • Pilot project to purchase award-winning DEIJA books
  • Subscription to ProQuest’s Black Studies database
  • Collaboration with liaisons to increase use of new resources.
  • Seek sources for medical textbooks with more diverse representation

Created 2023 09 26; updated 2024 04 03


Mitigate harm on our LGBTQ patrons by addressing LC classification of LGBTQIA+ topics under “sexual deviance.”

  • After consulting with Director of the Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, & Services for input from affected folks, consider shifting our focus on reclassification to include the classification system labels.
  • Re-research project and consider updated Library of Congress labels.
  • Weed collection for seriously outdated items.
  • Review post-weeding report
  • Reclass any remaining titles with inappropriate classification numbers (due to being older materials)
  • No problematic titles remaining. Project complete!

Created 2023 09 26; updated 2024 02 08

Policies & Statements

Review current policies and statements to reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility in our collections and to the integration of inclusive practices.

  • Create Guiding Statement for DEIJA projects.
  • Revise Collection Development Policy
  • Statement on Potentially Offensive and Harmful Content
  • Revise Electronic and Technical Services Departmental Mission Statement
  • Research and consider a book challenge policy, as it relates to DEIJA materials in our collection.
  • Review and update other existing policies, as appropriate.

Created 2023 09 26; updated 2024 02 22

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