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DEIJA Projects

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Increase access to resources that are authored by or focus on voices from communities that have traditionally been marginalized or excluded from academic scholarship.

Pilot project to purchase award-winning DEIJA books

  • Awards list from Colorado State (Received 2023 04 20)
  • Funded with $1,500. (2023 04 26)
  • Awards list checked against our holdings (2023 06). We have purchased 12% over the past 5 years, but almost all before the pandemic.
  • Partner for developing criteria for selecting which awards: Virgilio Pinto. (2023 08 22)
  • Awards list shared with consultant (Done 2023 09 07)
  • Desire to make one focus on Native American/Indigenous voices. (Our lists have only one award in this area). (2023 09 07)
  • Consider preparing a list from which the selectors can choose to keep to the funding limits better.
  • Educational resource to help inform the project: Finding Our Way Forward: A Roadmap for Anti-racist Collection Development. (2023 11 28)
  • Met with Dr. Bright and Virgilio to determine criteria for selection and an approach to this year's purchasing.
    • 1. DEIJA topics in general
    • 2. Indigenous author/topic - preference for local/regional indigenous peoples (New York State, Northeastern US and Canada)
    • 3. Intersectional with other DEIJA topics, including accessibility for differently-abled persons, and social justice along with the more obvious racial, LGBTQIA+, etc. topics.
    • 4. Award winners
    • 5. Special sub-focus: religious tolerance - in particular Jewish and Muslim issues related to the current situation in the Middle East and on college campuses.
  • Additional $3,000 set aside from CCDA funds for this project (2024 01 26)
  • First round of titles, totally slightly over $1,500, ordered. (2024 02 02)
  • ProQuest and Gale have generate more focused lists for us to review (2024 02 02)
  • Next steps: Review new lists and select more titles, place additional orders, make plans for assessing success and for sustainable purchasing going forward.

Subscription to ProQuest’s Black Studies database

  • Partner: Terri Ann Coronel (2023 03)
  • Funded for 2 years (2023 04 13).
  • Next steps: Track usage and seek continuing funding.

Collaboration with liaisons to increase use of new resources

  • Initial Partners: Abby Juda and Jenny Richards. (2023 08 21)
  • Terri Ann Coronel takes lead on this project (2024 01 04)
  • Next steps (later in semester): Work with public services librarians to develop a marketing plan to increase usage.

Seek sources for textbooks with more diverse representation

  • Consultant seeking sources. (Begun 2023 09 21)
  • After deep research, consultant has determined these sources do not currently exist. She will continue to monitor the environment for changes. (2024 01 22)

Created 2023 09 26; updated 2024 02 06

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