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Open Educational Resources

Creation Tools

  • PressBooks   Create e-books, typeset PDFs, and web books. Choose from professionally designed book themes. Free and priced options.
  • SoftChalk  Can be used to create interactive tutorials and mash up text/media.
  • Screencast-o-matic  Record and edit videos on your computer.
  • Google Drive Create web-hosted documents, presentations, forms etc. Each document can be linked to from Sakai. Useful for using the same material for multiple classes.
  • Pixlr  Online photo editor and drawing tool. Requires Flash.
  • See more OER authoring tools (SUNY Empire State College)

OER Creation Workflow Graphic

Collaborative Writing Tools

A plugin for WordPress, CommentPress allows post-publication marginalia on a piece of writing. This tool can be used to collect feedback on work.  Find out more about the tool and see a demo here.

Etherpad is an open source online editor that supports collaborative editing in real time.

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