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LGBTQ Films in the Ithaca College Library

A Chronological Guide to LGBTQ Films

Here are more than 250 feature-length films covering 11 decades of LGBT cinema that are available as DVDs in the Ithaca College Library. The breakdown of films by era was done to help show how depictions of LGBT characters have changed over the years. A high percentage are in English, but foreign language films (all with English subtitles) are also included. TV movies and mini-series are included, but TV series are not. Posted here are groundbreaking films, campy favorites, Oscar winners, cult classics, films that have been called sick, movies that barely survived bans, uncensored erotica, and a few blockbusters.

Some films listed were included in The Advocate's The Top 175 Essential Films of All Time for LGBT Viewers (June 2014). The IC Library has the top twelve and more than 75% of all the films listed.


  • Documentaries are listed in red. Feature length documentaries are interspersed with other feature films. Short documentaries (an hour or under) are listed separately.
  • Foreign language films are listed with the original title first.

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