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LGBTQ Films in the Ithaca College Library


Listed in chronological order.

Anders als die Andern = Different from the Others (1919) DVD 8241
A prosperous gay man's encounter with a blackmailer. Film barely survived destruction bythe Nazis. Titles in English (translated from the German).
Manslaughter (1922) DVD 7658
May only be noteworthy for including the earliest known cinematographic depiction of lesbians kissing.
Le Sang d'un Poète = Blood of a Poet (1930) DVD 1271
Jean Cocteau's surrealeroticism. Titles in English (translated from the French).
Geschlecht in Fesseln = Sex in Chains (1928) DVD 8247
When the husband is sent to jail, a newly wed couple seek relief from sexual frustration in different ways: she with her boss; he with a cellmate.
Morocco (1930) [In Marlene Dietrich: the glamour collection] DVD 1280
Marlene Dietrich in a tux kissinga womanhas been called a "Great Moment in Gay Cinema."
Queen Christina (1933) [In Greta Garbo: the signature collection] DVD 7680
Noted for its androgynous sensibilities and lesbian aesthetic.
Zèro de Conduite (1933) in The complete Jean Vigo VIDEO 3137
The story of an anarchic revolution at a boy’s school was enough to get this film banned, but it helped that it included an openly homosexual relationship between two of the boys.

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