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LGBTQ Films in the Ithaca College Library


During the years from 1934 to 1968, the Motion Picture Production Code, usually called the Hays Code, stifled filmmakers or made them creative when it came to sexuality. Filmmakers were not yet very venturous, and sexual perversion signaled villiany.

Crossfire (1947) DVD 6501 [in Film Noir classic collection. Vol. 2]
An example of self-censorship: The murder victim in the book was a homosexual; in the film he was Jewish.
Dark Victory (1939) & Now, Voyager (1942) [in Betty Davis collection] DVD 5772
Two Bette Davis films most cited in establishing her as a gay icon.
Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) DVD 6386
Directed by Dorothy Arzner, the film's lesbian themes are only hinted at.
Dracula's Daughter (1936) [in Dracula: the legacy collection] DVD 1919
Original tag: "Save the women of London from Dracula's Daughter!"
Les Enfants du Paradis = Children of Paradise (1945) DVD 1000
Filmed during Nazi occupation, it has surprisingly thin coding of its gay themes.
Germany, Year One (1948) [In Robert Rossellini's War Trilogy] DVD 734
The homosexuality of an ex-Nazi school tearcher informs the audience he is a villian.
Gilda (1946) DVD 2766
Male intimacy portrayed in the shadow of Rita Hayworth.
Lost Weekend (1948) DVD 4264
An example of self-censorship: A past homosexual incident that is key to the book is omitted from the film.
Mildred Pierce (1945) DVD 328
The film that gave Joan Crawford her gay icon cred.
Orphée (1949) DVD 1272
Orpheus in post-war Paris. Called both "not a gay film" and "a landmark gay film." In French.
Ossessione (1943) DVD 3587
Neorealist deadly romantic triangle, witha homoerotic subplot. Facsists failed to destroy all copies. In Italian.
Rebecca (1940) DVD 228
Thinly-veiled lesbian cautionary tale?
Rope (1948) DVD 405
Hitchcock holds a dinner party hosted by two coded gay murderers.
Rome, Open CIty (1945) [In Robert Rossellini's War Trilogy] DVD 734
Characterizes Nazis as sexual deviants.
Seventh Victim (1943) [In the Val Lewton Horror collection] DVD 6502
"Robbed of the will to love" screamed the movie's poster, but even with a Satanic cult boldly portrayed,the repressed lesbian desire is subtle.
Thirst = Törst (1949) [in the Early Bergman collection] DVD 7759
A secondary female character is openly seduced by a woman who has become disgusted with men.
The Wizard Of Oz (1939) DVD 408
A misunderstood kid in a black and white world has empowering adventures in technicolor. Oh, my!
The Women (1939) DVD 6130
Campy, bitchy, subversive.

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