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LGBTQ Films in the Ithaca College Library


Of classroom length, for the most part.
Most recent listed first.

Me, my sex & I (2012) DVD 7345
Stories of people born with ambiguous genitalia or what has often been called “intersex” anatomy.
Transgender Tuesdays (2012) DVD 10250
Chronicle of patients at the first US public health clinic to offer full primary care to transgender people.
Genderf*kation: a Gender Emancipation (2011) DVD 8823
The story of six individuals and their journey
Gen Silent: a Documentary Film about LGBT Aging (2011) DVD 5208
A expose of discrimination, bullying and abuse of LGBTs, especiallyin elder care settings​
Passionate Politics (2011) DVD 8888
Covers the life of Charlotte Bunch,a civil rights organizer, lesbian/feminist activist, and global human rights fighter.
Gais = Gay Games (2011) DVD 8276
French coverage of the 2010 Gay Games, held in Cologne.
Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line (2009) DVD 2139
​Follows two small town Canadian young women who are unsure about their sexual identity.
Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up (2009) DVD 7377
​Follows 50 students to examine how popular pressures around gender and sexuality shape the lives of American teens
No Dumb Questions [alternate title: Uncle Bill is Becoming a Woman] (2009) DVD 9126
Follows three sisters after they are told their Uncle Bill is becoming Aunt Barbara.
One Summer in New Paltz: A Cautionary Tale (2009) DVD 5224
The tale of a young mayor of a NYS college town who defied state law to perform same-sex marriages.
Out Late (2008) DVD 3204
Stories of five individuals who came out after the age of 55.
Queer China, Comrade China(2009) DVD 10534
Interviews with over 30figures in China's LGBT community who have experienced changes in attitudes and lifestyles in China over the past 30 years.
Out at Work(1996, 1998; 2009) DVD 4896
An examination of homophobia in the workplace. Includes the original film and a revised version, both re-edited in 2009.
Gender Me: Homosexuality in the World of Islam (2008) DVD 7271
A personal approach to the topic by a Turkish Norwegian filmmaker.
Dreams Deferred: the Sakia Gunn film project (2008) DVD 8129
​Depicts the hate and homophobia that caused the murder of a Black gay teenager.
She's a Boy I Knew (2008) DVD 5563
​​A Canadian filmmaker documents her family and herself as she makes the transition from male to female.
In God's House: Asian American Lesbian and Gay Families in the Church (2007) DVD 9846
In English and Indonesian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.​
Further Off the Straight and Narrow (2006) DVD 4699
A survey of gay visibility on television. A sequel toOff the Straight and Narrow (2002) DVD 5864
Inside Out (2006) DVD 2970
Transsexualism in Iran.
A Litany for Survival: the Life and Work of Audre Lorde (1996) DVD 5407
The lesbian-feminist writer reads from her poetry and talks about being lesbian and black in New York in the 1950s and her social and political activity.
Looking for Langston (1989) DVD 5168
A tribute to the poet Langston Hughes, emphasizing hisimportance both as a black and a gay voice.
CBS Reports: The Homosexuals (1967) DVD 9023
For a look back on how LGBTs were viewed by society in the Sixties, see this special report hosted by Mike Wallace.

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