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TVDM 49600: Documentary Workshop


This page collates, with permission (!), content from the Public Domain guide created by Jenny Strickland, Fine Arts Librarian.  Some of the sheet music was from Kris Shanton, Music Librarian.

A couple of articles sent by Prof. Crane brought new sites to my attention; I incorporated them, below. 

  1. Where to Find Archival Footage: Our Top 7 Websites.” Free Stock Video Footage Download 4K & HD Clips,
  2. Copyright and Public Domain: An Updated Primer.” International Documentary Association. 
    This article links out to Cornell University's useful Public Domain Chart.

If you need to license news footage, here are a few sources: is a site where you can discover and license footage.   Vanderbilt Television News Archive is a site to discover news -- but they do not license content.

Suggestions for additional sources are appreciated.  Email me:  Cathy Michael

General Sources


After running a search in YouTube, click on the Filter button.  Under the Features column, select Creative Commons.

Example:  Documentary




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