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TVDM 49600: Documentary Workshop

What is IC Library's Mission

"Our mission is to enhance teaching and learning at Ithaca College through the provision of flexible, diverse, and user-centered information services and resources."  About the Library.

College libraries collect materials that support the teaching and learning at the institution.  Unlike research libraries, college libraries do not have robust archives, deep collections of news (foreign, historical, local, etc.), historical almanacs, directories, and books.  If materials are not in use and are not current, they often are withdrawn for space considerations.  College libraries subscribe to a number of databases that support the information needs of the community.  These databases provide access to scholarly journals, trade publications, newspapers and other sources that are otherwise behind paywalls.  By authenticating into the databases, access is provided to a wealth of important information needed for research and study.

In contrast, research libraries will keep annual directories, print newspapers, and old books for future in depth research; this supports Ph.D. programs where researchers do deep dives into such materials.  Most even send low use materials to off site storage facilities or to compact shelving areas. Their campuses often consist of a main library and multiple special libraries that focus on areas of strength on their campus.  Consequently, they often have a large staff to support this system. See the page on Research Libraries and Archives for more information.


Before starting your research: Consider what types of information you may need.  Write down your research questions and then consider what sources may have answers.  Ask a librarian if you're not certain.

My presentation topic comes from local news articles:

The video, below, describes how the library provides access to subscription databases.  If you hit a paywall, try the library.

What is the Deep Web?

Beat Reporting using Library Guides

Library Guides will point out they key resources in a particular field of study.  If you are on a particular beat, you can use the guides to get started.

Newspaper Coverage

Magazine Coverage



Context and History


Scholarly Articles




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