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JOUR 39003: Journalism Innovation

Template: Journalism Innovation paper

Consider filling out the template:  Journalism Innovation Template (cut and paste into your own Google or Word doc) to collect research.

Publication Locations & Types

Use directories to discover what already exists in a market area (there are some online portals to newspapers but they're chock full of ads and often incomplete).  This should help you answer why your business is needed; is there a space for this business; and what are current journalistic offerings.

The library has indexes to progressive, environmental, sports, gender and ethnic presses you can explore:

The EBSCO Alternative Press Index is by The Alternative Press Center, an organization that promotes alternative presses that was founded in 1969. You can access an Online Directory from their website.

Company Description

Consider what companies already exist.  

Sample search:  Philadelphia Inquirer


Search these sources for similar products

Search PR Newswire and Businesswire for press releases from companies.

Sample PR Newswire search:  "news app" and boston

For Business Source Premier and ABI/Inform try searching by NAICS code plus keywords such as "new product" or innovation.
In EBSCO, you can combine Business Source Premier with Communication Source, search Newspapers as a Subject and a keyword in TX all text.

Statista and Pew can offer data and analysis.

Sample Statista search:  "news apps"


Search by industry for similar companies (other papers in your niche market, region, or size).  Some of this research is reflected in the work you needed to do to formulate your Company Description, above.

NAICS search for Newspaper

Marketing Plan: Analysis

Create a SWOT analysis & list your SMART goals. Consider who your target audience is.

Model Plans:

These are guides on conducting internal and external audits by the Business Librarian, Jim Bondra.

Operational Plan

Use your class readings and information from news innovators to consider directions and funding models. 
This article from Harvard's Shorenstein Center may be useful:
(2018, September 6). Business Models for Local News: A Field Scan. Retrieved April 6, 2019, from Shorenstein Center website:
Also examine:

Sample search in Business Source Premier + Communication Source:

SU newspapers AND ( subscription or membership or paywall ) 

Management & Organization

Search for articles on this topic in the one of the following databases:

Sample search in Business Source Premier + Communication Source

SU newspapers AND SU ( operations or organization or management ) 

Startup Expenses

Use the Small Business Administration's website, below, and my Library Guide page for News Labs (many are foundation based and offer grants) to start

Appendix / Reference List

  • See the APA page in the left menu
  • Consider saving research in Zotero free citation software 

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