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Be Vote Ready


Upcoming Campus Event:
SLI (Leading Self):  How We Got Here: Voting Context for Young Voters. ***Registration required ***
Date and Time:  March 4, 2024 from 4 to 5 pm; Location: Taughannock Falls Room, Campus Center
Presenter:  Prof. Michael Trotti

Description: This is a presentation with Q&A giving a thumbnail sketch of a variety of things important to keep in mind as College-age folks start voting: a little on how the parties have changed, about who votes typically, about how close recent elections have been, and even a few slides about some other issues – gerrymandering, media’s political echo chambers, and how votes are counted.  I’ve been teaching about this for 25 years, and I’ll briefly give you the high points of what is most important and interesting in the history of voting and elections.  And, yes, you’re not wrong: the electoral college is a crazy idea.

NEW YORK: February 14 is the last day to register for a political party to be able to vote in the primaries; it s the last day to change your political party and get  your registration form to the BOE if you wish to participate in any of the primaries.  In NY State you may only vote in the primaries of the party for which you are a registered member.  You sign up on the Voter Registration form. If you just want to register with a party so you are on their list there is no deadline, but it won't be effective until July 5.  Voters need to remember that just because they register with a party doesn't mean they have to vote for that party in local or national elections You need to be registered to vote in Village Elections - March 19, School Board and Budget elections May 21 and the Presidential and other elections in November (as per League of Women Voters, Tompkins County).

Tompkins County, NY:  How do I register? 
Register in NY. Links to the NYS website
Register:  LWV Vote 411 - this portal will assist you for all states

Registration Deadlines for primaries for select states of interest to Ithaca College students.  Some states clearly state voter registration deadlines.  Others just give you the number of days before the election you need to be registered; you must find the election day of that date and count back.  Please verify this information for yourself by clicking on the state's board of election page. 

TX: Feb 5

VA: Feb 12

ME: Feb 13

FL: Feb 20

OH: Feb 20

IL: Feb 20

CA: Feb 20

MA: Feb 24

RI: Mar 3

VT: Mar 5 "Beginning January 1, 2017, eligible persons may register to vote on any day up to and including the day of the election."

CT: Mar 15. (PDF)

NY: Mar 23. "An application to change one’s party enrollment for any primary election in 2024 must be received by the board of elections no later than February 14, 2024."

PA: Apr 8

MD: Apr 23

NJ: May 14

Presidential Primary Schedule 2024.  (from Ballotpedia; cross-checked to NCSL)

State  Democratic Type Republican Type
Maine March 5th Primary March 5th Primary
Massachusetts March 5th Primary March 5th Primary
Vermont March 5th Primary March 5th Primary
Connecticut April 2nd Primary April 2nd Primary
New York April 2nd  Primary April 2nd Primary
Rhode Island April 2nd Primary April 2nd Primary
Pennsylvania  April 23rd Primary April 23rd  Primary
New Jersey June 4th Primary June 4th Primary

Be Vote Ready

The following were resources mentioned in the Be Vote Ready SLI (Student Leadership Institute) workshop in October 2023.  Thanks to Dr. Tolbert (Cornell University) and Nancy Skipper, members of the League of Women Voters, for the handouts and forms.

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