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STCM 28800: Research & Statistics for Strategic Communication

Issues Topic: Use Library Subject Guides

Library Guides will point out they key resources in a particular field of study.  

General Research -- Any Topic

Issues Topics: Higher Education


Mine their websites for information.

Also try the local Chamber of Commerce such as the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce

Search local and regional news sources (see, below)

Nonprofits: Try and find their 990s (instead of 10Ks). Check websites that evaluate them such as:

  1. CitizenAudit  Investigates nonprofits
  2. Guidestar Search for nonprofits by name, etc. Form 990's available. Some are free.
  3. Charity Navigator  Search for nonprofits by name

National Charity Reports Better Business Bureau Reports on major charitable organizations.

Set up a Google Alert on your person, business or nonprofit to monitor the media.

Newspaper Coverage

Issue Topic: Health

Issue: News Bias

Issue Topic: Sustainability

Issue Topic: Dating Apps

Also try searching: online dating (more broad)

Issue Topic: Sexual Harassment

Issue Topic: College Students & Volunteering

Variety of keywords:  Volunteering, Student Engagement, Service Learning, Civic Engagement, Community Engagement

Celebrities - Influencers

Journals:  search the following journals for: celebrity

Political Fact checking and Finance:

Film & TV Celebrities (ex. Jennifer Lopez)

Sports Celebrities (search by name, ex. Tom Brady)

Music Celebrities (search by name, ex. Kanye)

  • Music Index ; broaden the search by searching EBSCO Research Library

Polls: especially useful for political candidates, political consultants

  • Polling the Nations  A compilation of public opinion surveys, containing the full text of questions and responses from 14,000 surveys from 1986 to the present in the United States and more than 80 other countries. Each record includes the polling organization responsible for the poll, the sample size and the date the poll was released.
  • Presents daily briefings on a single current topic, as well as recent Gallup Poll findings for public opinion on politics, government, eocnomics, and management.
  • Harris Interactive
  • Roper Center

Market data:  not available via the library but used in the industry

  • Q Scores This company measures the consumer appeal of personalities, products, characters, licensed properties, programs and brands.   The Q Score is a "measure of likeability" that predicts consumer involvement. Data is sold to advertisement and PR firms amongst others.
  • E-Score Celebrity  Data compiled and sold by E-Poll Market research
  • Spotted  Celebrity intelligence and research platform

Web tools: some websites rank trends

Measurement: scholarly:  sample articles

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