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Copyright Guidelines

At the request of a faculty member, the Library will place materials from its collections on Reserve. In general, Library staff may digitize materials for reserve use in Leganto for the convenience of students both in preparing class assignments and in pursuing informal educational activities which higher education requires, such as advanced independent study and research. Several of the licenses for the Library’s electronic resources include provisions that allow using electronic articles for course reserves. Access to electronic reserves in Leganto is provided to the requesting faculty member and students enrolled in the course through campus-restricted networks.

The Library may digitize an entire article, or an entire chapter from a book (not to exceed 10% of the entire work), or an entire poem. The Library, at the request of the faculty member, will attempt to obtain copyright permission for more than 10% of a book if needed for a course. The faculty member's department would pay for copyright permission.

The Library reserves the right to refuse to place items on reserve that do not comply with the copyright law, such as reproductions of entire books or entire issues of journals or course packs or other anthologies a faculty member has compiled, where permissions have not been obtained.

The Library is required to remove all course reserves at the completion of the course. Due to copyright restrictions, the Library will place books on reserve rather than copies of chapters.

All material reproduced by the Library must include notification of compliance with the U.S. Copyright Law.

Questions regarding copyright and Library course reserves should be directed to the Access Services Manager.

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