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Course Readings in Canvas

What will the library digitize?

Please keep in mind:

  • The library will digitize a total of 2 chapters or no more than 10% of an item for the duration of an academic semester. For more info, check our reserve policies.
  • The library does not digitize personal multimedia materials. The Center for Creative Technology in Job 102 has a designated computer available for digital transfers.

Request digitization

To request digitization of library material, start by following the steps in Add library content to course readings

After adding the item to your reading list, click open the item that you just added.

To request digitization of library-owned DVDs, add them to your Course Readings list, enter the portion of the DVD to digitize, and then click the Submit button.


1. For items in print, click on Digitization request to request a portion of the material to be scanned.


2. Enter the relevant chapter and/or page numbers.

3. Enter any notes to library staff in the Note field. Digitized media will be uploaded to the Kaltura Media Gallery in your Canvas course.

4. Press Submit to send your digitization request to the library.


5. To request sequential digitization, click on the three dots to the right of the citation and select Copy Citation. Then, create a digitization request for each citation by following steps 1-3 from above. 


6. Enter the dates you would like the material available to students and click on Submit


7. To confirm that your request was successfully received and is being processed, click on the request:




Digitization in Course Readings

Sequential posting in Course Readings


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