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Course Readings in Canvas

Adding library content using Course Readings

You can search for library materials to add to your reading lists directly in the Course Readings tool.

1. Click on the Add Items plus sign button.

2. Select the Library Search option.

3. You can search for items by title, author, or keyword.

4. Select Add once you locate the item.

5. If a resource is online, click View Online to make sure the link is working correctly.

Please Be Aware!
 Ebooks may have concurrent user limits. Please contact your Library Liaison to discuss this and/or locate other resources.

6. Once you've added all the items to your reading list, send the list to the library and publish it for your students.

Adding library content using LibrarySearch

You can also add library items to Course Readings using LibrarySearch. You can choose to add an item to a specific reading list or to your general collection and then place it in a course reading list at a later time. 

1. Search the library catalog (note: limit your search to online materials available from IC, if desired) 


2. Once you find an item that you would like to add to your Course Reading List or Collection, select Reading List 

3. Sign in using your Ithaca College ID and Password. 


4. Select Collection or Reading List.

5. If you select the reading list, please specify the list.

6. And specify the section that you would like the reading list to appear in.

7. Then select Add to Reading List.


8. Remember to send items added in this way the list to the library and publish for your students.


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