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STCM 30900: Media Planning

Access MRI Simmons Insights

MRI merged with Simmons to become MRI Simmons in Spring 2019. Simmons OneView became Simmons Insights mid August 2019.  From  Introducing Simmons Insights; YouTube: SimmonsResearch videos

Simmons Insights Help

Simmons Insights is a database which surveys around 25,000 adults 18 years and over on their consumer preferences. This weighted sample is used to represent approximately 240,000,000 million adults nationwide.  It collects a wide variety of demographic and psychographic data as well as media preferences. 

Class Demo Notes

Here are notes from my class demonstration for: Mavi Jeans for Women.  As the notes are to myself, they may be vague.  Contact me for clarification or to answer questions.

MRI Simmons Video: Intro to Simmons Insights

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