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Public Relations

Sample Search: Uber

  1. Look at the Company Website: ex. Uber
  2. Look for a supporting trade association : ex. Alliance of Automobile ManufacturersUnited Rideshare Driver Association (to find associations, use the Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources REF HF5353 .E52 ,  Business Insights, or just Google "ride share association")
  3. Search for related organizations: ex. IIHS
  4. Search Nexis Uni for news and then narrow the results by clicking on Company and Financial in the left menu:  Uber
  5. Check government organizations on the state and local level for any proposed bills (ex., FDsys) or regulations (, FDsys).
  • Federal Trade Commission:  Uber
  • FDsys:  Uber

Sample Search: United Way of Tompkins County

  1. Mine their websites for information; read the "About Us" tab and look for Resources or Publications.  Often times organizations will post an Annual Report.  ex.  United Way of Tompkins County
  2. Also try the local Chamber of Commerce such as the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
  3. Search local and regional news sources (ex.  Ithaca TimesIthaca VoiceIthaca Journal).  The Ithaca Journal's website has a paywall.  To access fulltext, go to the Database tab of the library's website and and search US Newsstream)
  4. Nonprofits: Try and find their 990s (instead of 10Ks). Check websites that evaluate them such as:
    CitizenAudit  Investigates nonprofits
    Guidestar Search for nonprofits by name, etc. Form 990's available. Some are free.
    Charity Navigator  Search for nonprofits by name
    National Charity Reports Better Business Bureau Reports on major charitable organizations.
  5. Set up a Google Alert on your person, business or nonprofit to monitor the media.

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