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STCM 10300: Introduction to Strategic Communication

Scholarly Journals

Compare a trade publication to an academic journal:

Researching Theories

Keywords & Phrases

Gather some keywords from an Encyclopedia entry.  Here are some keywords I listed from the entry on Scientific Management from the Encyclopedia of Management Theorists:

Scientific Management Theory, Taylorism 
Company, corporation, business, industry, organization 

Evaluation, Measurement 

Job, “job description”, Workflow, Process, “job structures”, performance 

Employee, worker 

Employer, Management, manager, supervisor, foreman 

Productivity, Efficiency, Improvement 

Best Bets: Databases

EBSCO: Sample searches on theories

Search for theories in articles through our EBSCO databases Communication Source and Business Source Premiere.  Click on the theory, below, to find articles that mention that theory in our EBSCO databases.  Use the left menu to narrow the search or add a keyword to the empty box and re-run the search.  NOTE: if you don't like the results, you can try a keyword search in Library Search. 

For your Communication Theory Application Paper

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