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Data and Displays

Type your term into Bloomberg - their autocomplete searching will provide you with relevant choices in three categories:

  • FUNCTIONS  - analytical displays for your use 
  • SECURITIES - specific trading instruments or data items that can be used with MENUS and FUNCTIONS
  • SEARCHES - broader search occurrences for your search terms

MENUS are how Bloomberg data and functions are organized.  Each security type has its own group of menus - for equities, bonds, economic data, commodities, news, etc.  When you choose a security like Target, a context specific menu will open to show you how to navigate the information and analytics available to you


Type MENU to find the Bloomberg high level Markets menu or use the yellow keys on the keyboard to designate them clearly : Equities, Corp Bonds, Govt Bonds, Economics, Commodities, Indices and more.  Select the market key to view and explore  categories of menus for each sector OR use the buttons at the top of the main Bloomberg page to select them.


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