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Bloomberg Industries combines the insight from industry analysts with comprehensive data to provide users with a complete view of an industry and its key constituents. To access Bloomberg Industries enter BI <GO>.

Bloomberg Industries covers over 100 industries across the following Sectors: Communications; Consumer Discretionary; Consumer Staples; Energy; Financials; Health Care; Industrials: Materials; Technology; & Utilities. 

You can narrow down the sectors into industries as follows by expanding. Hit the green End Back key to go to the previous screen

Select your industry using the All Industries menu, Scroll or page down to see the full list of industry sectors. After selecting your industry, choose the data you would like to see such as Themes, Earnings, Markets, etc., as listed on the left side of the page or the Tabs on the top.


Each industry home page features individual modules - Analysis, Data Library, & Monitor - allowing users to locate more in-depth industry information. 


BI analysis incorporates data as it becomes available and presents it with live links to charts, reports, and other tools.

Data Library

The Data Library features data-sets specific for each industry such as market share, and includes macro and industry factors and company-level operating, financial, and valuation statistics.


The Monitor module provides real-time access to data and news specific to an industry.


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