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The Bloomberg Fixed income functions include the following function keys:

  • F2- Government Bonds/Treasuries  
  • F3- Corporate Bonds
  • F4- Mortgage Bonds  
  • F6- Municipal Bonds

Example: F3<GO> displays the menu for all major corporate bond functions

Fixed Income

Lists major government bonds from around the world:

  • WB<GO>

Find  US Treasury Bonds directly:

  • CT10<GOVT><GO> (for the 10-year bond)
  • CT5<GOVT><GO> (for the 5-year bond)
  • Same format for any US benchmark bond

Find the 3-month T-Bill:


Find US Generic Bonds:

  • USGG5YR<INDEX><GO> for the 5 year bond
  • USGG10YR<INDEX><GO>for the 10 year bond
  • Same format for any US generic bond

Corporate Bonds

Search by issuer/company:

  • Ticker Symbol <CORP><GO>
  • (This will list all bonds issued by the equity/company. Choose a specific bond for more information)

For a specific bond:

  • Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity<CORP><GO>
  • Example: IBM 5.4 01/26/10<CORP><GO>

To find municipal bond information:

  • For state issued bonds: Type STGO<MUNI><GO> 
  • For city issued bonds: Type CTGO<MUNI><GO>

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