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What is the Bloomberg Excel API

The Bloomberg Desktop API is a suite of MS-Excel tools that allows you to query Bloomberg's underlying data for further custom analysis. Use the DAPI command to access the API's support documentation, including video tutorials.

Data downloaded using the API should not, under any circumstances, be removed from the Bloomberg terminal (i.e. local PC). Only your analysis of the data can be removed. Review the "Desktop API Guidelines" document (via the DAPI command) to ensure that you are in full compliance with Bloomberg's rules.  

Understanding Data Limits

Data accessed through the Bloomberg terminals, including the Excel API, is subject to daily and monthly download limits. The limits are associated with each terminal, not your personal account, and cannot be reset. Be judicious when downloading so as to avoid reaching the limits, especially during busy times of year when Bloomberg assignments are due.

When does the data limit reset?

The daily data limit resets at midnight and the monthly data limit resets at midnight on the last day of the month. These limits are controlled by Bloomberg: library staff cannot reset the limit and Bloomberg staff will not reset the limit under any circumstances.

How can I reduce or optimize my data consumption to prevent reaching the limit?

  • Carefully build API queries to only download what you need. The Equity Screener command (EQS) is particularly useful for this task.
  • Use Bloomberg Query Language (BQL) which helps reduce data consumption.
  • Perform very large queries on the last few days of the month to reduce the impact of reaching data limits on other users.
  • Perform very large API queries during slower times of year (summer, breaks) as opposed to when classes are in session.
  • Consider using alternative financial data sources that allow very large queries

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