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To find a mutual fund on Bloomberg, type the symbol for the mutual fund, then press EQUITY and GO. Alternately, you can begin typing the name of the fund in the search box on the upper left of the screen; Bloomberg will autosuggest fund names you can select. From the fund's description page (select 2) or type DES <GO>), select Performance for financial data, select Holdings for the fund's major shareowners, or Organizational for information on the fund's management.

Example: Fairholme Fund (FAIRX)


  • For news on hedge funds, type NI HEDGE <GO>
  • For a listing of hedge funds, type Hedge Fund
  • To Screen for Hedge Funds, Type HFS <GO> 

To Find Real Estate Investment Trusts. Type REIT, in the search box (blue cursor).

  • REIT Index: Type BBREIT <GO>
  • Search for REITS:
    • Type REIT<GO>
    • Select a region.
    • Follow menus and screen instructions to add more criteria and to see results.
  • Ratios for a REIT: Type the security, then DES3
    • ​​​​​​​Example: For Weingarten Realty, type WRI DES3. <GO>


To search for ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). Type ETF in the search bar (blue cursor).

You may then narrow your selections.

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