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Advertising & Marketing Communications

About this Guide

This is a broad based guide that covers a variety of sources relevant to the field of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Definition: Integrated Marketing Communications (from the ANA).  All In: Inclusive Marketing Toolkit (Google):  Audience insights for eliminating stereotypes in your creative

Description of Contents:

  • Simmons OneView:  Access and handouts for this database used for demographic, psychographic, media use, etc. cross tabs.
  • Articles:  Lists trade publications to follow and databases to find information for this field of study
  • Books:  Highlights books useful for IMC study and practice.
  • Associations:  Membership associations for marketing professionals
  • Data & Statistics:  A mixture of library databases and websites
  • Government Documents:  The basic sites for finding government documents.
  • Research: Companies & Organizations: Provides sample searches in business resources as a model for researching
  • APA: The APA manual is commonly used as a citation style guide in the field of communications

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